Scene Change

by Foster Powell

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Rowan Waring
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Rowan Waring This (very quality) debut showcases a wide spectrum of sound and style - taking inspiration from the likes of Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Whitest Boy Alive and more. It's incredible, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Favorite track: The Source.
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recorded June 2015 - March 2017
MA, VT, WA, ME, NYC & back again


released April 29, 2017

thank you Rowan Waring for drumming all over this album
thank you Bee & Byron for recording space
thank you Aubrey Lavender for borrowed instruments, gear & crit
thank you Cameron Schiller for owning a drum set and letting me record it
album art by Izzy Mozer:

thank you to the Internet for drum breaks

all songs written & produced by Foster Powell
all instruments played & recorded by Foster Powell
(except most drums)




Foster Powell Arlington, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sleep Talk
yeah i want you to bring me back
you can take a drive past the old school
& i sleep talked in the backseat
hope i didn't say anything stupid

yeah i'd like to see you today
you need someone to roll up the shades

how can you stand it
Track Name: Gombe
i called you up to come n fix my eyes
it's like there's 2 pictures and they won't align
yeah i've been baking in
the sun under my skin
and maybe you'll see me in a better light

and you didn't really need that
but i guess you want the last say
yeah i've been feeling broke up
since i left my heart in Gombe

i wanna tear the skin right off the thigh
i wanna be goliath so i can take my time
yeah i'll grow up taller & i'll snatch your crown
& maybe i'll make you next time around

and you didn't really need that
but i guess you want the last say
don't leave me feeling broke up
i left my heart in Gombe
Track Name: Scene Change
i see these blades turning
i can't do anything about it
i keep imagining that i get up
but then it's like stop
take it back a step
i've tried 2 do this 3 times (x2)
maybe this could be the last time

scene change
i'm in the middle of the lake
i can't breathe
hard enough
to wake myself up

it's such a cliche
it's such a weight

scene change
i don't know if i have a say
i'm scared i'll
get bored again
maybe want more again
Track Name: Your Plants
i can
feel a change
in the back of my mouth
you know
we don't read politics
it's going around
don't tell me u drowned

you forgot to water your plants today

grew out of my hands
while i was asleep
you know
that when i take a bite
my gums start to bleed
don't tear out the seams
Track Name: Electric Lobotomy
there's nothing more that i can do
i think i've had enough
& i was thinking i was thru
with all this Stupid Stuff

currents that i can't see
following following
currents that i can't see

electric lobotomy

don't wanna let you screw around
i'd rather wait outside
i'm watching all my symptoms pass
i'm waiting for my line
Track Name: Martyr
i sleep in the garden
it's warmer outside
i spoke to a martyr
she was tired of being right

yea i've been running so hard
still my blood runs thru my body
all the way up to my ears

i know that you're always thinking you're so right
& you're always saying you'll bring me to life
i need to hope that lie will hold me up again
cause if nothings wrong i know
the whole thing's wrong

i've been sleeping so soundly i can't hear the sirens down on the beaches
Track Name: A Place for U / The Mountain Top
what do you mean
you haven't got a thing to lose
it's a long way
what do u mean
you can't find anyone to take you thru
the lake

i will find a place a for you
in my heart
deep in my <3
i will be away from you
but don't wait too long
don't wait too long now

i hope it doesn't kill me when i go home
cut the ties they were all for show
i took a trip to where the sea meets the fog
i can see it from the mountain top
from the mountain top ..

yeah i could be
put away someplace safe
yeah i could be
under your supervision

Track Name: Summertime
sunken legs and open eyes
stand up
hide the ice cream
head on home

in the summer time!
i don't wanna die in MA!
i don't wanna die in MA!
i don't wanna domesticate!

stay inside all day
i'll never miss the sun again x2
i'll never lose another friend

would you like to see mortality at work?
would you like to be someone to reassure?

& when i close my eyes
will you please walk out on me
will you please walk out on me
will you please leave your body

la la la la lalala
Track Name: 1 for Another
yeah i met someone
who talks like your brother
listen in close
he'll tell you another

i don't think i have your problem
& i don't think i need your love
Track Name: Oneside
Track Name: Blackberries
did you make it fly did you spread another rumor
maybe this could be another 1 about me
you can burn my clothes say i wish i never knew ya
i don't think that either one of us is free

there, there, do you feel it
i feel so strange
give me your right hand
tell me how it happened
oh yes maybe that's it
oh no no no
it's only that i'm homesick
it's only that i miss it
Track Name: Barbara Allen
i'll take a trip to scarlet village
rise from my bed with the green leaves
i can hear that death bell knelling
i'll make the healths go round and round

barbara allen, woman
why won't you get out of bed
did you make it long & narrow?
adieu, adieu, my love
better you would never be
one to leave things till tomorrow

barbara allen won't you get out of bed
i've been searching far n wide for any shade of red
roses in your garden
they are blooming
but i swear you'll get yours yet
Track Name: Ache
take a breath
leave a rest
take as long as you want
it's a long
way to walk
& you might not make it back
cause time has elapsed

it's a risk that you take
no one else will service that ache

throw a stone
toss and stow
now that i can have a laugh
it's a long
way to row
and the waves are turning black
it's time to relapse
Track Name: Break
days not so charming like they used to be
so slight
don't take my advice
just make light of it
and i'll wait to align

now i've got everything i want and everyone is fine
i don't need a break so long as i'm not wasting time
i can never get enough of sugar coated rhyme
but i don't need a break so long as i'm not wasting time

i don't need a break so long as i'm not wasting time ... x999
Track Name: The Source
it’s time to return to the source
where you wanna take a swig
realign to the east when you’re in traffic
and you might pass out

that’s not how you make it you know
it takes four to raise it
and just one to display it

but i won’t risk your life
the sun will rise
yeah i’m gonna make things right
take u for a ride

twist up and go retch for a while
till it’s like you’re all used up
reassign and retrieve all u need is
another break from me

we bought u a bracelet i know
sweet syrup to chase it
and reason to fake it
Track Name: Y Do U Deny Me
why do you deny me, boy
you're such a mess
you know that it's useless
i can get inside your head

i can move my
and i don't have to forget
what you look like

hey friend
i've been inside all day
Track Name: I Fell
i fell out of my bed the other night
i couldn't think so i slept right on the floorboards

i fell into a dream the other day
where all my friends got into a fight
and no one would let it go